If you are planning on repairing or resurfacing an asphalt surface such as a driveway or pavement, you should think about pre-asphalt sweeping. In general, the process of restoring a damaged asphalt surface will involve chipping away old material before filling in the cracks and potholes with fresh material. If the surfaces are not cleaned properly, the patching compounds and the asphalt will not adhere to the old road surface. This issue could cause the repair to fail. You can avoid the related costs and inconvenience by planning for construction site sweeping. Here are some critical tips to keep in mind for quality results.

Evaluate the Damage

You should evaluate the extent of the damage on your asphalt surface. This assessment will determine the best approach to sweeping and cleaning the area before conducting repairs. For instance, if you are planning on resurfacing, you will only need to remove dust and debris from the site. Simple sweeping and pressure washing or scrubbing will do the trick. However, if there are holes on the surface filled with stagnant water, a different approach will be needed. The water must be sucked out before the repair. Also, potholes often need some level of edging by eliminating the uneven walls.

Choose Your Sweeper

The right equipment is essential for achieving the best cleaning results for your asphalt surface. Therefore, you should consult a suitable cleaning company with construction site sweeping services and inquire about the available sweepers. Usually, sweepers can be classified as road or ride-on sweepers. Road sweepers are used in large-scale cleaning because they can handle gullies and rough surfaces. If your site is extensively damaged, you should opt for this type of sweeper. When resurfacing a relatively flat surface without a lot of imperfections, a ride-on sweeper is effective. This equipment is less powerful than the alternative, but the performance is ideal for small-scale projects.

Think About Safety

When preparing for the pre-asphalt sweeping process, think about the safety of the people around the construction site. You should take precautions to prevent accidents and subsequent injuries. One of the important tasks that you can do is limiting movement on the site during the project. Ensure that only essential workers are around before beginning the work. These people should also have high-visibility wear and other personal protective gear. Dust particles can be a major problem when cleaning construction sites. You should make sure that the sweepers in use have high-efficiency vacuums and filters to minimise particle dispersion. 

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