When you find an aesthetically-pleasing rug, it can act as a key decorative piece. Once you place it, it's easy to forget about keeping it clean. With some everyday tips, you can make sure your rug stays fresh and lasts for years to come.

Clean Your HVAC

While it may not seem like it, your HVAC does a lot of work when it comes to keeping your rugs clean. When your HVAC's filters are operating effectively, your rugs don't need to capture as many dust or dirt particles. If you're not in the habit of keeping your HVAC filters clean, now's the time to change that so that your rugs don't need to work as hard.

Hoover Weekly

Even if your rug isn't in an area where there's high traffic, you should hoover it weekly. Weekly hoovering tackles the everyday dust that tends to settle on rugs. Without it, your rugs can start to smell musty and their colours may begin to fade. If your rug is particularly delicate, make sure you keep the hoover on a gentle setting to avoid damaging the fabrics.

Tackle Stains Appropriately

Rugs that are in households with pets or that sit in high traffic areas are likely to encounter stains. How you treat each stain will depend on what has caused it. For example, if it's a pet urine stain you'll need to use an enzymatic cleaner so that the odour is broken down and your pet doesn't repeat the offence. You can resolve many other stains with baking soda and vinegar, but make sure the fabrics can withstand them first.

Brush and Shake

If you're a pet owner, brushing out pet hair and shaking the rug down can work wonders. Some vacuums tend to leave long pet hair behind, so using a stiff bristle brush in one direction is your best course of action for banishing pet hair. After brushing, make sure you shake the rug out thoroughly. How often you'll need to complete these actions will depend on how many pets you have and how much hair they shed.

Turn to Professionals

If you want to keep your rug for as long as possible, use a carpet cleaning service once a year. Professional services involve deep cleans that suck up dirt your everyday vacuuming and scrubbing techniques won't discover. Professionals also have a sound knowledge of various rug materials, which means they'll always use the best solutions and techniques for the job.