Getting your office cleaned by service professionals is essential to maintaining a healthy atmosphere around your workspace. De-cluttered space helps people focus; therefore, your team's productivity is directly linked to how well your offices are cleaned. You will need to work with certified professionals you can trust, but you will also need to establish a rigorous schedule that does not impede your colleagues' or employees' working time. Here's everything you need to know. 

Employee Responsibility Facilitates Cost-Efficient Scheduling

Incorporating individual cleaning responsibility in your office's code of conduct will decrease your commercial cleaning needs. The cleaner your office space generally is, the less often you will have to book the professional services.

A smaller cleaning task also decreases the amount of service you will need with each cleaning. For instance, if professional office cleaning without employee responsibility required 4 hours of paid labour, incorporating individual accountability may help lower this to 3 hours. Generally, professional office cleaning companies will be willing to consider the scale of work and offer you lessened rates based on the number of working hours you can deduct from their standard schedule. Do not hesitate to use the vast local availability of choice to leverage better rates from your labour-time optimisation.

Professional Cleaning Shouldn't Be Too Frequent

The more frequent your office's cleaning, the cleaner it will be, but the more prone to maintenance incidents it will become. Heavy-duty cleaning, using strong detergents and other chemicals, has also been found to reduce the lustre of certain surfaces such as office tables and bathroom appliances. Therefore, you will want your prospective schedule to incorporate the minimum service you would need for satisfying results.

Frequent cleaning is also cost-ineffective because cleanup is carried out — and paid for by your office — before the space requires it. When employing licensed cleaning companies, you can generally be sure that a minimum level of expertise will be used in the process. Therefore, dust, grime, shedding skin cells, hair strands, discarded stationery, old printouts, and shoe stains are unlikely to line the office immediately after the cleanup. For a medium-sized office, two cleanup appointments a week is often more than enough.

A Finishing Word

When scheduling your office cleanup, you will have to weigh the convenience of frequent professional cleaning against the cost-effectiveness of shifting some of this responsibility onto employees. Make sure to only book services your office space objectively needs and minimise the amount of work that will have to be performed. The more you plan your commercial cleaning with labour-saving in mind, the less it will cost your organisation.

Reach out to a commercial cleaner to discuss your office's needs.