How clean are your offices? A clean, well-presented office environment is important for presenting a professional appearance to your business contacts, but it is also important for the wellbeing and productivity of your staff. While it is easy to understand the value of clean business premises, it isn't always easy to find the time to get the cleaning done as thoroughly as you would like if you have to rely on the efforts of your own staff to complete the cleaning as part of their existing jobs. If you have been wondering whether you should add cleaning to your staff's duties or whether you should call a commercial cleaning team, here is what you need to know.

Why might you consider in-house cleaners?

When the cleaning is done by your own staff, you know exactly who is doing the cleaning and you do not have to be concerned about security concerns because no-one new is coming onto the premises. Another benefit to asking your staff to take on the cleaning is that there is no obvious cost involved since you don't have to hire a commercial cleaning company.

The advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company

Save money

Avoiding hiring a commercial cleaning company may appear cheaper, but is that really true? Certainly, there will be a lower initial cost, but over time, you are simply distracting your staff from the work you actually want them to do. You could easily find that you are paying your executives to take on cleaning work rather than growing your company. With a commercial cleaning company, you will eventually save money since your staff are free to concentrate on what is actually important to you.

Get the service you need 

When cleaning is relegated to an 'add-on duty', then there is always the temptation to rush it or to skip the parts that may be less noticeable. When you work with cleaning professionals you can be sure that the work will be done thoroughly and well.

Reduce administration costs

You might think that doing your own cleaning cuts down on administration, but that isn't true. While in-house cleaning saves on working with an external company, you will find that you are left checking stock levels for cleaning products, buying stock and ensuring the products reach the right departments. It's likely that all of this work is more time-consuming than hiring a company to come in and take care of all that for you.