Almost everyone has ideas on how carpets should be cleaned and often, these ideas are passed around as advice. Eventually, everyone begins to believe these ideas are the truth just because they sound right.

Over the years, there have been many myths surrounding carpet cleaning, most of which are false. Instead of believing everything you're sometimes told it's good to fact check the information. Below are a few carpet cleaning myths worth debunking.

Carpet cleaning causes shrinkage

No, it doesn't unless you're trying out one of your DIY experiments. Instead of trying out every DIY carpet cleaning, why not hire professionals to do the job the way it should be done? It's the little mistakes that lead to such problems. For example, if you clean the carpet without drying it completely, you might experience some of these issues. This is why carpet cleaning companies are a better option as they know exactly what to do.

Carpet cleaning isn't necessary unless the carpet looks dirty

While this myth seems true, it doesn't account for thick carpets that hide dirt and soil between the carpet fibres. It would be incorrect to think that your carpet only needs cleaning when it shows signs of dirt. Keep in mind that these dirt and soil particles will continue damaging your carpet as long as you keep dismissing regular cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner is better than a professional cleaner

Having a vacuum cleaner is good, but it doesn't equate to having your carpet cleaned by a professional. You can use a vacuum cleaner for your daily cleaning routines, but for that deep clean, you will need professional carpet cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will only remove light stains, pet hair and a few dirt particles. However, you will need a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stubborn dirt and stains.

High traffic areas need regular cleaning as a way to maintain your carpet. Vacuuming these areas is a vital part of maintenance as it helps reduce build-up. However, you still need to have your carpet cleaned by a professional.

Baking soda removes odours

For decades, homeowners have used baking soda to remove odours from their carpets, thinking that it works. This hack is effective but only as a temporary solution. You see, the baking soda doesn't remove the odour; instead, it masks the odour, and eventually, the odour will return. Using baking soda as a cleaning agent isn't ideal as it doesn't deep clean your carpet.

For more information, reach out to a carpet cleaning service today.