Since 2015, over one-third of all approved residential buildings have been apartment blocks. Apartments are great for small families and singles that aren't yet ready to move into a house. However, during the summer, when the weather outside is stifling hot, rubbish disposal becomes more difficult — unless your apartment block has a garbage chute in which all residents can dispose of their rubbish.

If your apartment block doesn't yet have a garbage chute, the following benefits might encourage you to install one before next summer comes around.

Summer and Rubbish Brings Pests

How do your residents currently dispose of their rubbish? If each floor has its own rubbish cupboard where rubbish must sit, waiting to be collected each day, pests like cockroaches and rats might take advantage of the situation. Both of these pests are more active during summertime and are attracted to the stench of rubbish.

The last thing you need is a cockroach or rat infestation. However, if you install a garbage chute, each floor of your apartment block can easily transfer their rubbish to one location on the ground floor. This will ensure that pests don't end up infiltrating the corridors and rooms on your apartment block during the summer.

Summer Heat Leaves Rubbish Stinking

If rubbish sits on each floor waiting to be disposed of, on a hot summer day, the stench could become unbearable, especially where food waste is concerned. But with a rubbish chute accessible from each floor, that rubbish can be out of sight and out of smell.

Residents Won't Have to Go Far to Dispose of Rubbish

On a humid afternoon or evening, nobody wants to have to carry their rubbish down to the ground floor to dispose of it. This is especially true after a hard day's work. Moreover, if rubbish bags leak during transportation, the floors could become dirty and smelly very quickly. Residents that struggle to get to the bottom floor might just leave their rubbish outside their door.

A rubbish chute will eradicate all of these problems and allow your staff to deal with the rubbish discreetly and from one place.

Building Staff Won't Need to Traipse Up and Down All Day

Finally, with a garbage chute, your existing building staff won't have to collect rubbish from each floor. Instead, they can deal with it from one convenient place. You'll probably need fewer staff members, too, so you can save on manpower costs.

During the summer, proper rubbish disposal is essential to the happiness of your apartment block residents. By installing a garbage chute to collect the garbage of every floor of your apartment block, rubbish disposal will never be a problem again.

To learn more about garbage chutes, contact a garbage chute supplier.